BYOD programs are the future of education,
implemented by schools as a way to integrate
technology into the learning program and enhance
the student experience. At IP Partners, we pride
ourselves on the ability to offer a superior, end-to end solution tailored to the specific requirements of
each school we work with.

Choosing the right device

There are many things to consider when deciding on devices for students and your school community. For example having the right screen size, weight, battery life, Wi-Fi type, processor speed and storage capability are crucial to their usability for teaching and learning.

Microsoft has developed a helpful guide to help you navigate through the maze of choosing the best devices suitable for the demands of a school day and beyond.

Download the Buying Guide

There’s a Windows device to suit everyone

Every age, every student, every learning style

Devices for schools

There is no “one size fits all” school device as every individual has their own needs. For some a traditional laptop may be ideal, others may benefit from a 2-in-1 device with a pen and in some cases, a tablet may be the ideal choice.



For primary students, a great balance between portability and features. Read more...


Heading into high school, laptops give you more power - but can still be light in the backpack. Read more...
Laptop with touch

Laptop with touch

Very versatile, with touch screen as well as keyboard. Read more...
2-in-1 with touch and digital pen

2-in-1 with touch and digital pen

Ultra-light and ultra-powerful - fantastic for older students.
Toshiba PORTEGE Z20T

Devices chosen by your school

We work closely with the school to select the devices most appropriate to the learning needs of students. In addition, we recommend accessories and extended warranties to ensure the longevity of the device and protect the investment.

Please feel free to contact us to have your preferred devices listed under your school.

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Here are some of the latest Windows devices suitable for school, at price points to suit all budgets.


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